February 19, 2022

One Sunday in February Pranjal and his wife, Vini, brought four nursing students to a local church. They prayed and worshipped together.  Later, they hosted ten other students in their home and had a church service together. Pranjal has ordered more Bibles in Hindi...

Disciple Makers India has the annointing to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all of the peoples of India.

Called to Serve

We continue to wash the feet of the lower casts and share the gospel of Jesus Christ to set the captives free from the bondage of Brahamanism. Once they are free from their past identity of enslavement, and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, we disciple them by teaching them the truth and Good News of the Bible. These disciples become salt and light in their communities and then, in turn, disciple others for the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Meet Pranjal

In 2010, while serving in ministry but not yet redeemed, Pranjal drank 200ml concentrated pesticide under the influence of a demonic spirit. He died twice and was raised twice from the dead, discovering a God of mercy and grace he had no idea existed and was born again.  This is his amazing story.

Updates from India

Stay up to date with Pranjal’s ministry in India and read testimonies from Pranjal and those who have served alongside him.

Getting Involved

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