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In Jan DMI prayed for a man named Vikku Gabhva who was demon possessed.  Thankfully, he was delivered and has been baptized.  Vikkuʻs eighteen year old daughter, Kamodi, raises buffalos on farm and a cobra bit her four or five times on her foot. 

Gujarat found her unconscious and dying.  Kamodi was blue and foaming in the mouth.  Aafter three hours she was taken home and they found that the snake was still inside her clothes.  They killed the snake and called her father who said that it was too late to call the doctor (also, hospitals are not taking any cases except Covid 19).  A group of people prayed over her for two and a half hours and Kamodi finally returned to consciousness. 

Many people who witnessed the prayer were not believers so it was a great testimony to the community.  The next day Kamodi called Mansing and told him about her miracle and how she gave her life to Jesus Christ.  Kamodi is now sharing her testimony with everyone who will listen.

Cows are a life source for the people of India so when a local villager, Mangikaka (relative of Mansing),  bought a cow  and found out that it was epileptic, it was devastating news.  What complicated the situation even more was that the cow was pregnant.  Mangikaka spent his hard earned savings on the cow so the whole village came to itʻs aid.  Mangikaka asked everyone to lay hands on the animal and after five minutes the seizures stopped. The cow is now healthy and went on to deliver a healthy calf.  Mangikaka was a former witch doctor and when Jesus appeared to him in a dream he became a secret believer in Christ.

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