August 27, 2021

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In our last Zoom meeting, Pranjal reported that there is a large group of five-hundred nomads who live in tents. Only one person in that tribe is able read, so he reads the Bible to the rest of the tribe.  A person in that tribe became unconscious for three hours, so they called Pranjal.  He had a conference call and taught them how to pray, saying that whoever believes in Jesus will have signs following the Word.  Their faith increased and they prayed for the person who eventually regained consciousness. This person said that while he was unconscious, he saw Jesus standing beside him.  

New Believers from a tribal community started up a marathon three-day prayer and worship session where the presence of God was overwhelming.  Several Covid patients who were healed stood up to give their testimonies.  Believers in these tribes began sharing their faith with their families so the Word is getting out in the community.  As a result, non-believers have started to attend the prayer and worship meetings! 

Please pray for the persecuted in India as the radical party is tightening its grip on the Christian community. Pranjal was recently having lunch in a restaurant with a fellow disciple. Someone overheard them discussing things of the Kingdom and a small group formed outside saying things in a tribal language Pranjal didn’t understand.  He was then told by his friend that they needed to leave immediately.  Thankfully they did get away, but they now have to be more careful about all that they say and do.  Pranjal said where he lives is safe, but the tribal disciples have been experiencing more persecution.  

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