First Fruit

Dec 3, 2019Updates0 comments

Aloha and praise the Lord Jesus.

Dear precious brothers and sisters of DMI, 

By the grace of God our group is growing in size and in God’s Word. Sunday, a non-believing brother came for a visit and heard the message of how God created humans, the fruit of Holy Spirit, and my testimony. The Holy Spirit changed him on the way home so he went home and threw out all of his deities and pictures of deities. He declared his faith in Jesus. He is the first fruit of that village. We pray that God will open door for the Gospel in the whole village and through this brother. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

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A Personal Note from Pranjal

Aloha, Praise the Lord Jesus dear precious brothers and sisters of DMI. I thank our most high God for answering all of our prayers. We are very much encouraged to see God is moving non-believers'...

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