Sep 29, 2020Updates

  • The documents for Mansing’s business loan were verified and his is the first loan to be sanctioned. He has already selected the tractor trailer so, after the ten-day loan process is done, he can start his business!


  • Translation of the Bible into the Bhilali language continues, but only one person is working on it, so it is going slow. Please continue to keep this in your prayers as it will be a vital tool to reach a vast amount of tribal people.


  • Praise Report: Mansingʻs niece was finally admitted to the nursing program and is doing work online. She did not have a computer, so the community helped to acquire one for her studies.


  • Pranjal is so grateful for your prayers and support as he was able to start his dental work. He was on antibiotics and in some pain, but the work was completed in 15 days.


  • Finally, Bobby’s tuition is paid so that is a great relief to Pranjal and Vini.

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Family Trip to Southern India

God has provided the funds and means for Pranjal and his family to travel to Southern India to be a part of an outreach.  Please pray that the outreach will be a success and that God will keep the...

Ministry via Cell Phone

One of DMIʻs greatest tools is the cell phone.  Preaching, prayer and testimonies have all flourished, even during this pandemic and subsequent lockdown, because of this communication device.   A...

Mounting Persecution as the Radical Party Comes into Power

(but DMIʻs Christmas was not cancelled)! The radical PGP Hindu party has come into power after India’s most recent elections. PGP Party leadership has already begun attempts to outlaw Christian...

Vini Cooks for 80 People!

One of Pranjalʻs continued prayers has been that his wife Vini would become more involved in the DMI ministry.  During our December Zoom meeting,  Pranjal joyfully shared that God has been faithful...

God Is Ever Faithful

God has been so faithful to DMI’s ministry in India. Last month, Pranjal visited six different villages and three  large families wished to be baptised after hearing the Good News.  A new church...