Sep 12, 2020Updates

The Christian Broadcast Network recently did a report on how Christians are being targeted in India.  Because hospitals are closed, people are turning towards the Christian community for hope and prayer.  They are also receiving numerous request for visitaitons.  DMI is getting three to four prayer requests a day for healing and other concerns.  People are looking toward Christianity, finding salvation in Christ, asking to be discipled and to be taught the Word of God.  Bible Studies are still continuing over the phone.  In the midst of all the chaos DMI remains hopeful because they are focused on God. 

On the other hand, some people are offended and don’t want people to go to Christian gatherings such as DMI.  Mob lynchings and false accusations are on the rise.  But in spite of the adversity, miracles and prayer haved increased. 

Mansing and Pema responding to a request for prayer.

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Miracles Never Cease

God continually uses miracles to help the tribal people see the truth about who the Great Healer is during this pandemic. Pranjalʻs sisterʻs mother-in-law suffered a stroke but after 48 hours of...

God Provides

Please continue to pray against a spirit of fear, distraction, quarrels, accusations and blame during this time.  The situation in India is still very dire with many DMI disciples getting sick. ...

Answered Prayer

Pranjal recently flew back to his hometown during lockdown (he was very thankful to the Lord for traveling mercies) to visit his mother in ICU who was experiencing pain from a minor surgery...

Pranjal is Now a Partner with World Partners

In March 2021, Pranjal officially became a Partner with World Partners!!! Pranjal, our DMI Kauai Team and the World Partners Team had a wonderful meeting via Zoom where we all connected and share...

Great is THY Faithfulness

Great is THY Faithfulness During this season God has been so faithful by bringing people, resources and support to Pranjal and the DMI Ministry.  After a very slow period of Bible translation, a...