October 5, 2018 Update

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Aloha and praise the Lord Jesus,


In the last week of August we successfully completed the phase one discipleship training for the tribal groups from Middle India. We prayed over the disciples with Mathew 28: 19-20 and Mark 16: 15-18. We sent them to their villages. Theses disciples went for gospel sharing to their nonbeliever friends and family. They shared the gospel with new people. Everyone is responding in the positive way. One of the leaders, Msing also was invited to pray for the buffalo by nonbeliever family, as it was not giving milk after delivering baby, so they went to the village and prayed over buffalo in the name of Jesus Christ and it started giving milk next day. That was miracle for that whole house hold and whole village. Whole family accepted Jesus Christ and opened their doors for the praise, worship, sharing the word of God and prayer. Now they have started a home church in their home. Msing is amazed by the divine provisions. New disciples gathers every Friday in the home Dhar county. And 70 families started to gather in disciple group.

God is using Msings team in very amazing way in other county also.

One of the disciples Narsing raised little dead girl in the name of Jesus and that was news in the area and whole house hold and the leader of the tribe became believer. That impacted whole tribe in eight villages. Now these people want to grow more in Jesus. So, they invite tribal leaders of DMI to learn about word of God. Tribal DMI leaders are growing in the faith. God is giving them an amazing interpretations of the Bible verses. And many are healed by the prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.

Narsing started the everyday prayer group. They pray at 3 am in the morning. We have now tribal prayer warrior’s team.

In North India we sent Vijay my friend to preach and teach the Bible. He also got the favor of most high. He stayed in mission hospital campus and started praying for the patients and chatting about the Christ. These patients and their relative invited him to different villages and he also told them, if you invite me you must invite your friends and family. So wherever he visited he already got an audience to share his tetamony and shared gospel with them. In month of Septmber he baptized 12 people from three untouchable castes. These castes have made the decision not to invite Hindu priest for performing rituals. Vijay did three feetwashings in three different villages. Now people opened their home at two places for discipleship groups. They started gathering Friday and Wednesday.  10 of October is nonbrahmanical wedding is in Bihar, so I am(Pranjal) going to solemnize the wedding. Vijay and I spend time on phone to learn the Jesus teaching.

I also started mobile phone ministry to encourage long distance disciples, pray and share the word of God.

Ten days Tamilnadu trip was very successful. Warfare is very real and strong in this area. Hindu temples are very active in the idol worship and black magic. We felt heaviness over our chests as we used to go to preach gospel. This is smart but very close community. They don’t allow anyone to take pics of the family or homes. God has used me and my friend Jebalal every day to visit two to three groups. We also distributed educational material to encourage youth. Jebalal could establish two new discipleship groups in tamilnadu. We are so much amazed to see the fruits.

My Wife is pregnant and we need prayers for her health and baby.

Please Pray for October disciples gathering in my home.

Pray for Tamilnadu Discipleship groups.

Pray for MP and Bihar Discipleship groups.

Pray for feet washings in Bihar.

Pray for 10th October wedding and my stay in Bihar.

Thank you very much for the Prayers and support for DMI.

In Holy name of Jesus

Pranjal Torde

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