Pranjal's Testimony

Pranjal's Testimony

I was born January 23, 1982, brought up in a Christian home and community. 

My story starts three generations back when my great grandmother was born into a Shepherd  Caste in 1908.  At that time there was a famine. In those days girls were not valued and were treated like property so she was a liability to her family and abandoned in the woods as an infant.   A missionary man who ran a Christian orphanage was hunting and heard the voice of a crying baby.  He found my great grandmother in the bushes and took her home with him.  He looked down at her little face as she smiled up at him so he named her Joy and gave her his last name, Duncan.  She married a man from the same orphanage who was also adopted by the Duncans.

My grandmother, Suprabha  Duncan,  met and married a man from the Gardener Caste who was an evangelist. They had three children including my father.  My father married my Christian mother who was from the Scavenger Caste (Untouchable) and  Butcher Caste community. 

After my mother and father married my sister was born and then my brother and I came along.  My father was greatly admired and respected in our community.  While we didn’t have a lot in material goods his wisdom was sought by many.  Although I was raised in a Christian home and community, I never gave my life to Jesus Christ.  God gifted me with many talents.  At four years old I was doing performances from dancing, singing, drama, skits and playing various instruments.  I was famous and popular from the time I was a small child.  I wanted to be loved and praised by everyone.  I was a successful entertainer but at 10 years old I had to leave my loving home to attend a school.  I was the only Christian there. 

At school was the first time I came into contact with the Caste system. They would call each other by their Caste names.  In that school I attended through the 10th grade, people loved me because I was a success in so many ways.  I excelled at art, drama, music, poetry, and painting and I was very good at sports.  I got two best player awards in the state for volleyball and wrestling (Kaddadi) through the 10th grade.  I won many awards for singing, drawing, debate, elocution and sports. In my two years in junior college I decided to go into science and my popularity and fame continued. After junior college I attended Shiats University which is Christian.   The professors were so impressed by me because of my God given talents that I gained more popularity and became more prideful.

I was at the university doing all kinds of wonderful things, where I continued to get puffed up, thinking I could do great things for the people and that I was the best of entertainers.   In 2002 I completed my Bachelors of Science.  In 2003 I was in the Bachelors of Education program at the university where I won Mr. B.Ed (Bachelor of education award) and was celebrated as Freshers King (freshman) and people continued to talk approvingly of me. I was greatly respected and admired.  I liked hearing about myself and my achievements.  I was thinking Pranjal is good, good, good.  He is doing so well.  I was attracting so many friends and girls getting what students want at that age.

I graduated from the university and was still tagged (certification of Caste and religion) as a Christian following the community and family faith in all principles and morality but I had never accepted Jesus as Messiah.  I didn’t know what it meant.  As the people followed their religion I followed what I was brought up in.  I read the Bible, took my place on the worship team and prepared sermons.  I had every possible qualification to be a preacher.  I was a stage performer.

From the last week in May through December 7, 2004 I ran Saint Paul’s Academy on my own six months after graduating from the university. I was teaching English, personality development, zoology, botany and chemistry.  I was earning a lot of money but gave up this job for a family tragedy.  I traveled to the southern coastal area of India to Colchel because of the death of my beloved uncle when on December 26, 2004 a tsunami struck.  For the first time in my life I saw dead bodies, people were being carried to the hospital where at least 1,000 were laid either dead or dying. I was very grieved but I didn’t know what to do. 

That is where I thought if there was a God I should be serving Him.  I was only following my family’s faith but I still didn’t give my life to Jesus Christ.  There was no hope and no peace in the lives of these people.  I was reminded of how truly fragile life is. In 2005 I called a ministry in New Dehli to send help for the victims of the tsunami.  I started working with that ministry at that time and also worked with the tsunami rehabilitation program through 2008.  Then I tried to go back home to work but I couldn’t get a job so ended up in New Dehli working in ministry.

I started working in a ministry and because I was successful in my past and could go on the stage.  I became famous again.   I was an entertainer, pulling crowds and preaching the gospel.  People were accepting Jesus and I was becoming more and more famous.  People made me a god on earth.  The same ugly pride took hold of me again as I started seeing how I was changing lives. I was seeing so many wonders; miracles were literally happening.  I didn’t know it was the people’s faith that was healing them but thought it was me giving them healing and life.  I was completely filled with pride. 

January 9, 2010 my life took a turn that defines who I am today.  I was so busy with my life, puffed up within myself when a girl came into my life that was my first love.  I felt like I was in heaven with her…I was so happy.  The first thing I told her was that I loved her so much I would die for her.  The second thing I told her was that I loved her so much I was going to die.  The third thing was that I would die if she told me she hated me.  I was telling her those things from the depth of my heart.   I kept repeating them to her over and over.  I was so in love!  These three statements were true to me. What I didn’t realize was when I made those vows I had given her my soul and unknowingly cursed myself.

The day came, after an argument, when she told me she hated me.  I was going to minister to some people in Maharashtra.  I was getting on the train and she told me I was the last person on earth she wanted to see, that I was a bad and horrible person in her life.  When she told me those things I lost my power and for the first time in my life another being entered me; I was two people in my one body.  That second being who entered was so much more powerful than me and it was controlling my body. 

I started speaking lies to people on the train, I kept telling convincing lies to people.  I could look at them, with this entity in control, and tell their past. In fourteen hours on that train, as word spread, people were coming to me showing me their palms so I could tell them their futures.  This entity could not read palms or tell them about their futures but only their pasts.  I kept telling them all these lies and I knew this being was using my mouth and speaking lies but I couldn’t take control back. 

When I got off the train, with my bag in hand, I went to a farm shop where insecticides and pesticides were sold.  These shops were not supposed to sell chemicals to anyone but farmers because of the high rate of suicides in India. The farmers were easy to identify by their dirty clothes.  Even though I was well dressed, the entity in me spoke manipulative, convincing lies to this man and acted like I was a farmer so he sold me a pesticide. 

After that I lost my memory but in the evening I opened my eyes and the 200 ml bottle of pesticide was sitting empty beside me.  I thought “What has this being done in my body?”  I consumed the whole bottle.  I stood on the top of a 30 foot cliff and fell all the way down but nothing happened to me.  When I fell I saw a water buffalo herder.  He said it was late and we should go home but I fell down again. 

After a while I opened my eyes and I was on a road.  There were several people there around me.  And they started saying I was not drunk but had consumed pesticides because they could smell the pesticide.  They were saying I had committed suicide.  I was thirsty and started drinking water but fell back down on the road and became unconscious again. The next time I opened my eyes was in the ICU in a very good hospital in Nagpur .  My brother and friends were informed about my condition and what I had done so they came from several kilometers away to deliver me to the ICU.

After a week of unconsciousness I looked up and saw there was a clock on the wall and I was back in my senses.  I was not two people at that time.  This was the first time I saw myself as one person and I started talking with God asking why this had happened and what a horrible difference it made in my life.  I was so upset and was talking to God in my mind. My blood pressure was very high. And while all this was happening I saw there were footprints of light walking over the ceiling and music started in my room.  I heard a high pitched sound of beautiful music and the whole ICU was charged with light. Every particle was charged with incredible brightness.  The music was so high, so soothing, so bright, so pure, so spiritually sterile.  

Then I could feel the glory. I started leaving my body and I was lifting up, up, up.  My body was still there but I was going up.  The music was glorifying God; everything was so super charged. I felt completely safe and happy as I was going home.  I went many kilometers up but found there was a transparent film and I was stuck there.  It was like a balloon that I could not penetrate. I started saying, “God, my girlfriend has rejected me and now You are rejecting me”; I could not penetrate this film.  I was expecting God to accept me.  There was a funnel like shape that was bright with the glory of God inside but dark on the outer sides. 

I was trying to communicate, praying to God but He was not accepting me.   I had lost complete hope that God would accept me.  I said, “I work for You but now I have no home, I am rejected on earth and by Heaven.  I am stuck!”  Then sounds and voices started coming from the darkness outside of the funnel of light.  I heard them saying, “God will not accept you!  You are a failure! You did this and you did that” there was all kinds of mockery, scorning and accusations of sins.  Everything these demons were saying tore my heart to the uttermost.  I couldn’t go up or come back and I didn’t know what to do.  I was listening to these voices that were devaluing me…using the F-word and all kinds of other profanities; everything was dark and hopeless.  I was so exhausted.  But at the darkest moment I came back into my body. The doctors were on top of my chest having performed CPR for 10-15 minutes to my dead body.  They were so happy when I came back!

God gave me a second chance by allowing me to live.  I started crying because God has rejected me, my girlfriend had rejected me and I had no home.  In my mind I wondered, “What should I do now?… I have nothing.  I have lost my reputation, my name, everything.” I felt so hopeless and empty and I was crying and crying and crying. I was arguing with God in my reasoning saying, “If You don’t forgive me who else will forgive me on the earth.” 

And suddenly there was something on my chest that was very heavy and God started showing me, like I was watching a movie of everything I had done wrong.  I started asking forgiveness for all of my sins. I cried for two days and I asked forgiveness for all my mistakes and every sin He showed me.  The doctors were worried about my health because of all of the crying.  I don’t remember the medical term they used but the doctors were very worried about me because of all the crying and distress I was in.  It was causing my blood pressure, pulse rate and breathing to escalate.  The more I cried the lower my oxygen levels fell, blood pressure raised and pulse rate went up. Even though I was asking for forgiveness there was still more. 

I asked God what else I could do because He was still not accepting me.  A second time I heard His voice saying, “You need to forgive and then all these people came into my mind and I started forgiving all who had sinned against me.  I continued crying and crying and forgiving all of those who had sinned against me. And then He showed me there were two people left.  One was my girlfriend whom I could not forgive in my own strength.  That was very difficult for me! I was arguing with God and asked, “How can I forgive her?” Then I heard His voice say, “Through Jesus all things are possible!” Because I was raised as a Christian and I knew the Bible there were many Scriptures going through my mind. It took every ounce of my life to forgive her.  I said, “In the name of Jesus I forgive —— (my girlfriend) and something from my toes and head compressed me completely and the pressure was building inside my stomach.  Then something came out of me with great pain…spewing out of my mouth with a loud groan and growling.  It was so painful but such a relief!

That was the first time I had relief but I was still not completely relieved. I had asked forgiveness for my sins, and had forgiven those who sinned against me but I still hated myself so much because God showed me how I had behaved. He didn’t show me to shame or condemn me but because I hated myself for my own sins.  I couldn’t love myself.  I was the last person I needed to forgive but could not do it in my power. 

This second time the Lord said, “You can do all things through Jesus.”  So I said in the Name of Jesus I forgive myself and suddenly something from my toes and head compressed into my stomach.  It was more powerful that the first one.  With a grunting, groaning and growling sound it vomited out of my mouth and it was gone. It was like giving birth to myself, even though I don’t know what giving birth is like.  But that is what I thought it must be like. 

Then again the whole ICU was super-charged with God’s glory and I felt myself going up and up.  The atmosphere was charged with the glory of God, high pitched beautiful music was going on and I saw the transparent film and thought, “I am not going to penetrate it.” But, I went right through it going up, up and up. In seconds I was in the glory!  I fell at Jesus’ feet and embraced them.  It felt like I spent many years there at his feet.  I wanted to stay right there because I was so happy and felt accepted.  I was pleading to stay but Jesus moved out of my embrace and told me I had to go back.  I begged not to be sent back but He said my time had not come.  He kept telling me, “your time has to come” and I kept begging Him to let me stay. Then with His hand on my head we started descending for several kilometers.  Then He said, “I will be with you always and I will never leave you or forsake you.”  He tapped me on top of my head and zoop…I was back in my body in the ICU. 

For more than 20 minutes I was dead… out of my body.  The twelve to fifteen doctors were all so happy when I returned.  They were saying “Pranjal is back, Pranjal is back”. Then they sent the news to the Medical Research Center. Thirty more doctors came in because it was so phenomenal.  I was out of danger as they checked my organs, blood, vital signs; everything was working.  It was big news because I had taken 200 ml of pesticides.   I was miraculously saved! 

Within 24 hours I was put on normal meds and normal foods.  I asked if I could walk on the floor but was told I wouldn’t be able to stand.  I was praying in the Name of Jesus saying there is victory in the blood of Jesus.  Even though I was told I couldn’t walk I stood in front of my bed.  There was another man in the ICU in a body cast with his arms in plaster and his head hanging to one side.  He had been there for three months. When I stood I looked at him and said, “Victory in the blood of Jesus.”  This man looked at me; slowly raised his head and I told him he would leave the ICU before I would.  I gave him a thumb up and he slowly did the same back.  His wife looked at me and she couldn’t believe what was happening.  She was in tears!  That was the first miracle after I was forgiven.  This man started moving and he left ICU before I did.  He and his wife were saved and then two others received healing in the ICU. 

I was put in a PTSD program. I stayed at the hospital for one week, at my brothers for a month but could not get rest there because my family was afraid I would hurt myself again.  Then the ministry I had worked for allowed me to stay in a room they gave me where I would be able to spend time alone with the Lord.  While I was there He was giving me visions, I was singing, praying and reading the Bible.  Whatever God gave me I was writing on the doors, walls and ceiling.  I took a ladder so I could write on the ceiling so when I was lying down I could read what He gave me.  I was enjoying His Holy Spirit. 

After six months I got a call from a women’s ministry saying they had a demon possession problem and could I come to minister there.  So I told them if God allowed me to I would come. I was given permission.  I preached from Mark 16 that these would be the signs that followed…that they would speak in new tongues, cast out demons, etc.  I told them they had authority…”You take the authority”…”You have to speak in new languages”.  “In the name of Jesus demons will go away.”  I told these women, “I am nobody and God has given you this authority and you must walk in it.”  I was leading worship and had my hands raised, praising God.  I looked over and people were falling on both sides.  People were lying on the floor and demons were leaving.  I did not shout, yell or do anything but in a quiet, calm voice I spoke Scripture to demons and the people.

There was a woman who was possessed.  I told the demon possessed woman that the Word says that whoever believes in Jesus Christ would cast out demons.  I spoke quietly that the demons had to go and they left.  I didn’t have to yell like I had seen others do.  The Words in the Bible are the authority.  After that I became so popular again. I became like a god to them and I didn’t want to do that.  I prayed and asked God for help.  I was so upset and felt disturbed in my spirit.  I asked God if I should go back out to minister for healing and deliverance.  God showed me that I was touching His glory and that the people wanted me to be a god.  I cried so HARD from my spirit.  It was deep repentance.  God told me to go to the same area, preach the same gospel and teach them how to exercise their own authority.  So that is what I did.  That was the beginning of my disciples making ministry.  I have helped so many learn the Bible.  My disciple friends always learn and pray together.  I am not above them.  We are equal.  The truth is going into their communities.

After my miraculous conversion I told the Lord that I was not going to hang out around girls but He would have to send me a marriage proposal and that I would trust Him for that.  I had a connection from earlier ministry in South India and received a message in 2011 from a family I had met with while ministering.  This couple who contacted me said they thought their daughter was a good match for me for marriage. A week later she called me and I knew it was the Lord.    Within a week she asked me if I loved her and I told her I did and then she told me she loved me.  Because she was born to an upper B.C. Caste the church her family attended would not allow us to get married there. We married in 2012 but her parents had to arrange another place and many of their friends and family refused to come.  In 2013 we were blessed with a son. 

Update 2/2019

After discovering the mercy and person of Jesus, Pranjal went back into ministry in truth and love, no longer taking God’s glory but fearfully avoiding doing so.  In the process he discovered what disciple-making was.  Insisting new believers begin to operate in the power and authority they received from their new birth in Christ, Pranjal kept the Body from elevating himself as a little god.  Thus the gospel moved in truth and power by the Holy Spirit rather than a man.  Churches began to happen naturally as the Body gathered to worship together on a regional basis.  In addition, Pranjal continued to reach out to the Untouchable class (Dalit, Untouchable or Scheduled Caste) who are not allowed to read or write and remain in slavery to upper castes.  Their oral tradition speaks of Apostle Thomas and his message that Messiah is coming back so their hearts have an opening.  When their feet are washed by Christians (especially white Americans-please come!) they are undone and experience Jesus’ love and receive Him as Lord and Savior.  Dalit women are the lowest of all life forms in India.  Dalit marriages and families are a disaster.   When a Dalit woman has her feet washed by a white Christian American male…her bondages are broken in stunning ways.  That is why Pranjal and Disciplemakers India is always asking for the white American male believer to come join in this liberation.

From 2005 to early 2018, Pranjal’s anointing worked under an international ministry but he was unable to continue because of sharply divided differences in what Pranjal was called to do versus what the other ministry began doing.  The focus became political, no longer focused on church planting and salvation.  Pranjal was grieved and desperately worked to hold the disillusioned discipleship team together.  Depressed, Pranjal’s wife asked Teddi Momma (Teddi Eggo from Kauai who for years brought Americans to witness the miraculous under Pranjal’s ministry and essentially adopted Pranjal) to intervene and rescue her husband via a sabbatical.  Pranjal spent two months in Kauai and scripturally disassociated from his former relationship with the ministry that lost its way.   Pranjal made many new friends with Kauai believers, working with those who had come to India previously from Kauai, visiting churches and small groups sharing his testimony.  He was also given a special gift from Jesus, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire, healing and equipping him to return to India to preach in truth and power like the Book of Acts. 

He left Kauai April 26, 2018, with love and support from Kauai believers to find a home for his family, a place to train new disciples and host Sunday meetings.  He is healed and starting anew, full of God and His love for India.

Since then he began to build teams of discipling leaders, working full time to set captives free and build the Body there.  His wife Vinija recently gave birth to a second son, Joshua.  His hands are full! 

We all look forward to the fruit God is going to produce in this young man’s life for the LORD’S precious Indians in the coming years before Jesus’ return.  Pranjal will be setting up an Indian non-profit and board there.  For now, his 501c3 is Kalaheo Missionary Church in Kauai and giving is through that website (note Pranjal in giving purposes).  In the future he hopes to be boarded by World Partners, the missions arm of the Missionary Church which has a unique disciple making focus (vs church planting) or similar US missions organization. 

It is rare to find such apostolic calling these days, one that has produced so much fruit and continues to reach that half of India open to the Gospel, where so few tread these days.  Only 3% of US mission funds make it to India, which is truly an oppressive place to work in.  Here we have a lovely indigenous man willing to go and so invite those of you moved by this story to store up some treasure in Heaven with the rest of us by supporting this work.  The fields are very, very ripe and time is short. 

(Testimony translated into “American” by Louise Eusterman, Mount Vernon WA.)