About Disciple Makers India

Disciple Makers India

Disciple Makers India (DMI) is a discipleship movement of thousands of Jesus followers in India obeying the command of Math 28:19-20. Originally exposed by Pranjal, who continues in leadership today, Disciple Makers India is essentially an Acts of the Apostles in modern times, with signs and wonders following them. 

DMI-Kauai is a volunteer group founded by Teddi Eggo from Kauai in 2010.  The group ministers with Pranjal in India, provides prayer support, presentations, fundraising efforts and team mobilization taking ministering teams to India.  The team is led by Shari Pilaria and includes Karla Anderson, Shannon Burkman, Lori Dill, Mary Dubois and Joey Charles.  Please contact DMI-Kauai through this website if you have any interest in this amazing work. 

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Meet Pranjal

Attempting to break through the centuries old caste barriers of India with the love and truth of the Gospel has been a part of Pranjal’s story for many years.  Pranjal began to realize through the prompting of God’s Spirit that his call was more than simply sharing the Gospel, but it was to “go and make disciples”.  God arranged a much needed and divinely appointed sabbatical for Pranjal in Kauai, HI, gifted by a small group of fire branded believers who recognized the anointing on Pranjal’s life.  Out of this season,  DMI (Disciple Makers India)  was birthed.