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In the Fall of 2016 I went on a mission trip to India.  It was a trip that will stay will me for the rest of my life, mostly because of what I saw God doing through one man, Pranjal Torde. Pranjal is a man with one mission in life — to free his enslaved people from the bonds of Hinduism through the saving power of Jesus Christ. 

Iʻve never seen anyone with such intent and determination as God used him to stir the hearts of the villagers with singing, testimonies of Jesus Christ, foot washings and fellowship.  I donʻt use the word “anointing” very lightly, but Pranjal is truly anointed.  I left India feeling that, whatever he was a part of, I also wanted to take part in, as I knew that God would do great and miraculous things through him.  Disciple Makers India is a way that I can promote and support what Pranjal is doing from my own hometown on the island of Kaua`i. 

It is my dream to travel back to India again someday to, once again, witness first hand the work that God is doing in and through Pranjal Torde! May God continue to increase his territory!

Lori Dill

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