Meet Pranjal

Attempting to break through the centuries old caste barriers of India with the love and truth of the Gospel has been a part of Pranjal’s story for many years.  Pranjal began to realize through the prompting of God’s Spirit that his call was more than simply sharing the Gospel, but it was to “go and make disciples”.  God arranged a much needed and divinely appointed sabbatical for Pranjal in Kauai, HI, gifted by a small group of fire branded believers who recognized the anointing on Pranjal’s life.  Out of this season,  DMI (Disciple Makers India)  was birthed. 

Pranjal is committed to making disciples of the lowered castes of India, a targeted people group called OBCs or Other Backward Castes, representing 52% of the nation.  Imagine carrying the identity (for centuries!) that you are the lowest and backward and get all the menial tasks that no one else wants.  Imagine the government and the religion that represents your country endorsing this system of evil that creates inequality by birth. And then imagine hearing the story of Jesus who brings equality and freedom and dignity to those enslaved for centuries.  This is the calling on Pranjal’s life.

Pranjal was born in a village called Umri in the heart of central India in the state of Maharashtra.  This little village was visited by Free Methodist Christian missionaries in the early part of the 20th century, and a mission hospital was birthed in Umri in 1950.  Pranjal’s parents both worked full time for the hospital serving the ministry and serving the Lord and Pranjal was raised to know and trust Jesus at an early age.

After Pranjal’s education, he had a natural love for ministry.  His introduction to loving Jesus and serving people was through recovery work in south India after the great Tsunami of 2004.  He knew the Word and the ways of Christianity and could lead worship.  Yet he was not born again, and was made into a little god when signs and wonders followed his ministry.  Pranjal repented in grief when shown his sins    (see his amazing testimony) and began living as an example in humility and repentance while  making disciples that multiply through the transformative truth and power of God’s Spirit. Pranjal is baptized in Holy Spirit, and signs and wonders follow his ministry as well as the disciples he leads.

Pranjal currently lives in New Delhi in a small apartment with his wife, Vinija, and two young sons Boaz and Joshua.  He equips and trains disciples in his home and is able to work full time because of gifts from kingdom partners that have ministered with him, as well as others called to India’s salvation.  The Indian church itself is self-sustaining.  The poverty is overwhelming.  The freer the people become, the more they are blessed.

India carries an orphan spirit, and Pranjal’s heart is to present the truth of identity as sons and daughters of the King.    Pranjal is a man of integrity, and when he talks about what God is doing and expresses his love for his disciples, it feels like reading a letter from Paul to one of the churches or a chapter in Acts. It is a kingdom privilege to partner with Pranjal. 

We invite you to consider this kingdom investment, and want you to know that your resources go directly to Pranjal’s family, work and ministry.  Take a moment to read the stories and testimonies on this site and I think you will agree God is doing amazing things with precious Indians and DMI, a worthwhile investment for the American church. (Pam Sadar, March 2019)

Read Pranjal's Testimony

I was born January 23, 1982, brought up in a Christian home and community. 

My story starts three generations back when my great grandmother was born into a Shepherd  Caste in 1908.  At that time there was a famine. In those days girls were not valued and were treated like property so she was a liability to her family and abandoned in the woods as an infant.   A missionary man who ran a Christian orphanage was hunting and heard the voice of a crying baby.  He found my great grandmother in the bushes and took her home with him.  He looked down at her little face as she smiled up at him so he named her Joy and gave her his last name, Duncan.  She married a man from the same orphanage who was also adopted by the Duncans.