Pranjal is Now a Partner with World Partners

Mar 26, 2021Updates0 comments

In March 2021, Pranjal officially became a Partner with World Partners!!! Pranjal, our DMI Kauai Team and the World Partners Team had a wonderful meeting via Zoom where we all connected and share about the ministry. As a WP Partner, Pranjal will receive a lot of support from the WP Team.

WP’s Shane D’Souza in India will disciple Pranjal and provide him with opportunities to connect and network with other WP servants in the area. Pranjal will meet with Shane on a monthly basis and complete ministry reports to share with WP. Tami (Administration) and Jennifer (Communications) also provided some helpful guidance regarding security for ministry communications. We are all so thrilled with this partnership and support for Pranjal and the Lord’s work in India.

Please go to the World Partners Site if you are interested in signing up for their monthly PrayLink e-newsletters. Pranjal (Staff Member in the e-newsletter for security reasons) has been highlighted in the February 2021 and March 2021 newsletters.

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