The Miracle of Healings

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In the United States we have a church on every corner, more than one copy of the Bible in our homes and endless resources to learn about and experience God.  So I wonder if it is possible that the reason why many of us donʻt see more miracles is because God wants us to, first, recognize and appreciate the amazing miracles that He has already provided for us, in abundance, on a daily basis.  Unlike many of us, the people of India have virtually none of the incredible resources that so many of us take for granted.  Could this possibly be the reason why so many Believers in third world countries see so many miracles?  Whatever the reasons may be, I marvel when Pranjal tells us of the healings and miracles that take place during his ministry in DiscipleMakers India.  So I asked him if he would give us a few more details of some of these events.  Below is a snippet of just a few healings that they have all witnessed at DMI (as told by Pranjal):

  • Guddi Ben came into the congregation with a cyst in her stomach, for which she had been suffering for two years. She had unbearable pain. Our sisters in Christ prayed by laying hands upon her.  Guddi Benʻs cyst dissapeared and she is now pain-free and healthy!
  • Hanjana Ben had been suffering from a burning sensation in her body since she was seven years old. A brother in Christ brought her to our congregation. All of us laid hands upon her and she was also completely healed. She continues to learn more about Jesus everyday and shares her testimony with all those that she knows.
  • Brother Gulla had suffered from a tumor in his belly since he was three years old.  He was brought to our congregation by a fellow brother in Christ.  Our new Believers prayed for his tumor to shrink.  Gulla was healed and knows that it was Jesus who healed him.  He tells everyone that he knows about how Jesus healed him.
  • Dhansing had been depressed due to unemployment and lost all hope in life.  As a result, he contemplated suicide many times. Dhansing shared about his struggles with me and our group. After sharing my own testimony of how God saved me, we prayed with him. His suicidal thoughts are now gone. Dhansing also prayed that Jesus would provide him with a job. Our group helped him to open a tea stall. Dhansing is now a strong leader of our DMI team!

I praise God for Pranjal and all that God is doing in and through him!

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